Watching Arabic Television in Europe: From Diaspora to Hybrid Citizens

What are Arabic Europeans watching on television and how does it affect their identities as Europeans? New evidence from seven capitals shows that, far from being isolated in ethnic media ghettoes, they are critical news consumers in Arabic and European languages and engaged citizens.

From Migrant to Citizen: Testing Language, Testing Culture

In this impressive volume a combination of theorists - linguists, historians and lawyers - address the subject of citizenship testing for language proficiency and 'cultural' knowledge. Discussing themes of identity and cultural belonging, they draw out the implications for Australia and the wider international community.

The Real Thing: Doing Philosophy with the Media

Television has been demonized as the cause of the moral decay of our society. Its content is derided as vapid. However, what we watch on television is often philosophically complex. This book examines news, cartoons such as South Park, advertisements, and soap operas and identifies complex moral dilemmas and arguments in them. It argues that we should apply analytical and philosophical skills directly to what we watch and shows how it can be done. In the final chapter, the way in which the news has been overtaken by the private lives of public figures is traced to a breakdown of the public-private divide.

A Tale of Two Women

In her luminously written memoir, Dean of Humanities at Macquarie University Christina Slade parallels the lives of two women across more than a century, her maternal grandmother and herself, through education, marriage, parenting, work, war and travel.

Critical Communication


This textbook covers both theory and practice in a range of areas in communication studies for tertiary students. It also covers aspects of language and reasoning and intercultural and international communication. Each chapter contains a list of objectives, practical exercises, a summary, discussion questions and a list of further reading and references.