Keynote Addresses

Slade, C. (2017) ‘The Commonwealth and Higher Education’ Opening Address the Association of Commonwealth Universities Summer School,  Bath Spa University, August 6.

Slade, C. (2017) Launch of the Children’s South West University Bath, July 18.

Slade, C. (2017) ‘Industry and Higher Education working together in Iraq’, Iraq Britain Business Council Education and Culture Roundtable, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, July 7.

Slade, C. (2017) Opening Address – the Liberal Arts Global Academy of Liberal Arts, Parma, July 5.

Slade, C. (2017) THES panel of Vice-Chancellors 'Living with uncertainty – how universities can thrive in a volatile world’  London June 22.

Slade, C. (2017) Brexit and university exchange networks: CULT committee of European Parliament Brussels, June 21.

Slade, C. (2017) ‘Edudata summit debate: The future development of international rankings’ London, 14 June.

Slade, C. (2017 Address, Education Awards Lunch, The Tallow Chandlers Company London, 27 April.

Slade, C. (2017) ‘Lace in Fashion’, Fashion Museum, Bath, 2 February.

Slade, C. (2016) ‘Strategy at Bath Spa University’ MBA in Higher Education, Institute of Education, University College, London, October 19.

Slade, C. (2016) ‘Governance and its problems’, Association of Commonwealth Universities, Accra Ghana, July 26.

 Slade, C.(2016) ‘Widening Participation in a small regional and global university’ BUTEX plenary , Bath July 7.

Slade, C. (2016) ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. UNESCO Entrepreneurial Learning City Regions University of Glasgow June 5.

Slade, C. (2016) ‘GALA, student mobility and access’, Plenary GALA conference Mexico City, May 26.

Slade, C.(2016) ‘Widening participation, : Global Citizenship and GALA’ GO International, London, 28 April.

Slade, C. (2016) ‘Universities, identity sovereignty and Europe’ Bath Literature Festival, February 27.

Slade, C. (2016) ‘Entrepreneurial education for women’ Bengal British CWE Summit, ‘Inspiring Women in Business’ Canaary Wharf, Feb 24.

Slade, C (2015) ‘Leading a small global university’, University of Cardiff, 15 December.

Slade, C, (2015) ‘ Las industrias creativas y la universidad global’, Benmerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, November 25.

Slade C, (2015) ‘Universities Connecting Communities,’ Association of Commonwealth Universities, Tavistock Place, 12 November.

Slade, C. (2015) ‘Building women in leadership’ Iraq Britain Business Council, Church House, Westminster, 9 November.

Slade C (with Simon Marginson) (2015) ‘Differential Fees’ Higher Education Policy Institute Annual Conference, June 4.